Most Companies employ provisional contract staffing all year round as a management strategy to source short-term projects, seasonal workload or specialised job functions. With precise time frames and tight budget at disposal contract staffing has gained demand as a short term solution for long term goals.

Our team at ShreeTek has in-depth market knowledge, broad networks and industry experience to serve our clients to minimise the hiring efforts and expenses by rendering top notch talent with technical and functional expertise. We go to a great length to provide client-centric focused staffing services for wide range of technologies and business settings.

In contract hiring , the candidate is placed on recruiting firm's payroll, however deployed to the client's project. ShreeTek's well defined delivery model ensures all SLAs are met according to the placement needs while adhering to all terms and conditions of the contract which define the roles and duties of the placement firm.

ShreeTek positions itself to be more than a regular recruiting consultant who coordinates interviews and performs reviews and analysis. Here at ShreeTek, we look beyond just the resume, we emphasise on specific skills and qualities oft he candidate to identify right talent for our clients. Our job is not done yet, upon receiving an agreement from the client to extend an offer, We actively get involved in Employment Screening (includes all forms), screening and certification verification and background and criminal checks. ShreeTek extends, finalises and deploys the new worker on to the location of work.