The idea of hiring long-term resources is more feasible for senior-level talent including managers and branch heads. This can be a relatively longer process in terms of closing the positions as compared to other models, but ShreeTek synergizes with clients for closing the positions with minimum overlays and time-frames.

A permanent staffing model has to be stable enough in picking the right talent and tracking the overall credentials including experience of the candidates. This also helps in looking for the right fit in terms of the company's footprint and culture. ShreeTek works closely with clients on requirements that define permanent roles, and also look for potential candidates targeting long-term position and growth within a single firm of employment.

The tenets of permanent staffing involve a long-term and continuous assessment of skills and the purpose for hiring, the entire on-boarding process that includes background checks and final profiling. As such, professionally laid out methodology is followed by ShreeTek during the entire process of direct placements.

A permanent employee placed by ShreeTek undergoes induction programs and other in-house modules for subsequent development of skills, which are aimed at staying with the employer for a longer period. A permanent employee usually looks forward to career goals and growth in the parent organization.